Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Zombie Project: Stage 2

So I finished my zombie project a while ago, but I have just been way to lazy to update my blog. Here it is now, though. The finished product of my zombie project.

I kind of liked how in my first shoot, the photos were a lot darker. But everyone in my class said that they wanted to see more background, plus it the photos turned out a lot sharper with more light.

On a side note, my professor loved my old man picture so much that he had me e-mail him a copy to use in his lecture for next year. I was kind of proud of that. Oh, and my 3D design teacher loved my marionette (I will blog about that soon) so much that he took it home with him to take pictures of it in his studio.

Side side note, I found out while I was trying to send my picture to my photo teacher that I had lost all the pictures that had been on my camera. I had to delete them off my memory card when I used Gratten's camera to take photos but I thought I saved them all on my computer, guess not. I am just so thankful for this blog and facebook or else I would have completely lost all of them.

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