Sunday, October 30, 2011

Victory is mine

Let it be known that today I, McKenna Horman, at the hour of 2:30 have finally completed Zelda Ocarina of Time! Something that I have been working towards for a long time. Now this is 2/6 of the zelda games that I own that I have completed. I know thats not a lot, but trust me, these games are hard.
Now its on to Majora's Mask!

Friday, October 28, 2011

I liked today, (before it was cool)

Today had to be one of the greatest days of my life. Today was the day that I got to dress up as an old man. No it was not for Halloween or anything like that, but for my photo class. Our assignment in class was to take a self portrait, and as I am not to fond of pictures of myself, I wasn't too stoked. But then I had this ingenious idea: I didn't have to be myself at all. Our teacher gave us full freedom with this picture as long as it had a concept behind it.

What I came up with was kind of a joke about hipsters, but at the same time reflected my secret wish to be hipster. ( I already have the "bands no one has ever heard of" music part down great) But anyways, I was on my favorite website the other day, Iwastesomuchtime, when I found this picture that sort of spiked my idea.

I thought it was perfect.

So what did I do next?
Dressed up like an old man of course! (It wouldn't have been quite as fun if I had stayed the same gender, plus I don't think it would have worked as well)

And so after half and hour or so of putting on makeup, getting my outfit together, (I would like to thank Nick Hilton for letting me borrow his pants, and Amanda Dayton for doing my makeup, and letting me borrow her hobo clothes) having to deal with a gross yack hair mustache going up my nose and in my mouth, and driving to the Grind, the result was this:

Best. Day. Ever.
Thats all I have to say.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Life: Unriddled

I have determined what I am going to do with my life.
Forget about school, forget about work, I have found my final goal in life.
What is it? You might ask.
My ultimate and final goal for my life, is to learn how to play the uke. . . like this:

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Again this post is really late, sorry about that.

Last week I agreed to help Madison with here makeup class by letting her practice on me. Of course I was super excited about this, because what makeup was she doing? Gore makeup!

Pretty awesome if you ask me. 
I was apparently beaten, given a black eye and bloody nose, and a huge gash on my forehead.

Later that night, I was staying up late studying for a test while Nick Hilton was doing homework in our apartment, when Rachel came home with a chinese goose egg that one of her residence had given her. The goose egg was grayish in color, and smelt of cat food. We had to try it. We cracked the egg open and cut it in half. The inside was grayish as well, except for the yolk, which was mushy and yellow. It looked disgusting to say the least, and Rachel chickened out on tasting it, but me and Nick were brave enough to try it. And how I regret it. Not only did it smell like cat food, but it tasted like it too. Also, It had a real grainy texture that just added to the grossness. Immediately I spit it in the trash and ran to the sink to try and rinse it out. However, the graininess was very hard to get out, and my mouth still had traces of the egg in it for hours. But now I can proudly say, that I have tried a chinese goose egg.

Dec Your Door

So this post is kind of late, due to the fact that I have been super busy. (Playing zelda and such) But I'm posting it now.

Last week was our schools dec your door Halloween competition. First prize was Howl tickets (the Halloween party) and 2nd and 3rd got pizza for the room, so of course we wanted to win. It started out that we wanted to win just for the prize, but then after we walked through and looked at everybody else's we wanted to win just for competitions sake. The hall that I live on is Harry Potter themed, so my roommates and I thought it would be a great idea to make our door match.

After 2 whole days of work, and agonizing hours spent kneeling on the floor painting (My knees were quite sore afterwords) this is what we came up with:

After all this hard work, we were judged, and the scores came in. We had placed. . . 4th!? I couldn't believe it! After looking at everybody's I was sure we would have came in 3rd at the very least. And we were sure we had put way more effort into it then most people did. Furious, we decided we would look up who had won the top three spots. 

Now this is where I get really mad. I wouldn't have been so upset if the doors we had lost to had been really cool, and there were some really cool ones out there. But no, the ones that won were all pretty lame I must say. Not to mention that 2 of them were a "fire hazard" which we were told that you couldn't have anything stick out past the door frame or else you would get disqualified. Hence why we move our snake's head up out of the door where it used to be. (and looked a lot cooler) I was mad. But you know, it was still a lot of fun to make even though we didn't win. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Need Some Wub

One word:


My newest obsession. (I tend to have a lot, don't I?) While surfing the Youtube today in search of some sick dubstepping, among the Pokemon, Zelda, and Harry Potter I came across the most amazing piece yet.

2nd word:


Put them together and what does it equal?

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Creepiest thing of my life.

I am going to have nightmares for weeks. I found this an seriously was about to puke due to how creepy it was.

Here is the story of Edward Mordrake, a man with two faces. (Voldemort (but so much creepier)):

Edward Mordrake was reportedly a 19th century aristocrat in England. He supposedly had an extra face on the back of his head, which could neither eat nor speak, although it could laugh or cry. Edward begged doctors to have his “demon head” removed, because, supposedly, it whispered horrible things to him at night, but no doctor would attempt it. He committed suicide at the age of 23. via


This is not a real picture (there are none) but an artist's representation.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh no! Snow!

There are many things in this world that go great together:
- Milk and cookies
- Hair and hairspray
- Black and White (from 1965 and onward (haha just kidding))
- Hobos and Cardboard boxes
- Chairs and tired legs

Snow and Biology homework, however, do not mesh so nicely together.

I woke up this morning only to look out the window and see a thin layer of slush on all the cars. Immediately my heart sank. As the day wore on, matters only got worse. At about 12:00 today was when I first witnessed snowflakes falling from the sky. I cried out in despair. To top things all off, I was stuck doing biology homework in the library all afternoon. Biology has got to be the hardest class I am taking this semester, and we always have a ton of homework. At the moment I have given up on homework and am writing this post.

To cheer up all those who are hit with this early winter gloom, here are some funny pictures:

This one is titled "Reach for the Stars!"

Hope you enjoyed these.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ghost Adventures!

I'm pretty much obsessed with this show called Ghost Adventures. Recently I have converted Madison to the Ghost Adventures obsession. We started watching at least one episode every night. The only problem is, is that we watch it right before we go to bed, and then we are terrified to go sleep in our dark rooms.

Last nigh we had just finished an episode of Ghost Adventures and it was still pretty early so we decided we wanted to have a ghost adventure for ourselves. Apparently there are a couple haunted places in Cedar City, so we decided to go check them out.

The first haunted place we wanted to go check out was Betty's Cafe, also know as the Brickhouse. We looked up the directions online and found out that is was located next to maverick just right up the street. So we drove up there only to find that it had completely disappeared. There was a brickhouse that could have possibly been it, but there wasn't any signs or anything so we weren't sure.

The second place we wanted to go to was Godfather's Pizza place. However on our drive up there we passed the cemetery and decided just to go there instead. I did try and take ghost pictures while we were there, but sadly I got nothing. Next we decided to go the the haunted hospital. We knew we couldn't get in but we thought it would be fun just to walk around the outside. Sadly they recently put up a fence, I believe it is because they are having a haunted house in there this October, so we couldn't even do that. But are adventure still was not complete. Of course we had to go walk the sheep tunnels to finish.

All in all our "ghost" adventure was seriously lacking in ghosts. But it was still fun none the less. And what did we do after we returned? Watched Ghost Adventures!

Cool evidence:

To Nick and Dylan,
Ghost adventures is real!