Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dec Your Door

So this post is kind of late, due to the fact that I have been super busy. (Playing zelda and such) But I'm posting it now.

Last week was our schools dec your door Halloween competition. First prize was Howl tickets (the Halloween party) and 2nd and 3rd got pizza for the room, so of course we wanted to win. It started out that we wanted to win just for the prize, but then after we walked through and looked at everybody else's we wanted to win just for competitions sake. The hall that I live on is Harry Potter themed, so my roommates and I thought it would be a great idea to make our door match.

After 2 whole days of work, and agonizing hours spent kneeling on the floor painting (My knees were quite sore afterwords) this is what we came up with:

After all this hard work, we were judged, and the scores came in. We had placed. . . 4th!? I couldn't believe it! After looking at everybody's I was sure we would have came in 3rd at the very least. And we were sure we had put way more effort into it then most people did. Furious, we decided we would look up who had won the top three spots. 

Now this is where I get really mad. I wouldn't have been so upset if the doors we had lost to had been really cool, and there were some really cool ones out there. But no, the ones that won were all pretty lame I must say. Not to mention that 2 of them were a "fire hazard" which we were told that you couldn't have anything stick out past the door frame or else you would get disqualified. Hence why we move our snake's head up out of the door where it used to be. (and looked a lot cooler) I was mad. But you know, it was still a lot of fun to make even though we didn't win. 

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