Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ghost Adventures!

I'm pretty much obsessed with this show called Ghost Adventures. Recently I have converted Madison to the Ghost Adventures obsession. We started watching at least one episode every night. The only problem is, is that we watch it right before we go to bed, and then we are terrified to go sleep in our dark rooms.

Last nigh we had just finished an episode of Ghost Adventures and it was still pretty early so we decided we wanted to have a ghost adventure for ourselves. Apparently there are a couple haunted places in Cedar City, so we decided to go check them out.

The first haunted place we wanted to go check out was Betty's Cafe, also know as the Brickhouse. We looked up the directions online and found out that is was located next to maverick just right up the street. So we drove up there only to find that it had completely disappeared. There was a brickhouse that could have possibly been it, but there wasn't any signs or anything so we weren't sure.

The second place we wanted to go to was Godfather's Pizza place. However on our drive up there we passed the cemetery and decided just to go there instead. I did try and take ghost pictures while we were there, but sadly I got nothing. Next we decided to go the the haunted hospital. We knew we couldn't get in but we thought it would be fun just to walk around the outside. Sadly they recently put up a fence, I believe it is because they are having a haunted house in there this October, so we couldn't even do that. But are adventure still was not complete. Of course we had to go walk the sheep tunnels to finish.

All in all our "ghost" adventure was seriously lacking in ghosts. But it was still fun none the less. And what did we do after we returned? Watched Ghost Adventures!

Cool evidence:

To Nick and Dylan,
Ghost adventures is real!

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