Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sasquatch Gang

I have been having a blast hanging out with Amanda and Ethan. We always do the most random things, like go stealthing, make movies, take Dale out on adventures, and our newest expedition: making cardboard superhero suits. The Institute was having a superhero themed dance and we came up with the brilliant idea to make our own superhero suits out of cardboard. Let me tell you, we had the best costumes of everyone there. We decided to call our super league the Sasquatch Gang, named after the great film of the same title.

My super identity was The Hippo, Amanda's was The Ostrich, and Ethan was. . . well we don't really know what Ethan was.

In the end, we combined all our efforts to create the ultimate suit. We used my skirt, Ethan's chest armor and Amanda's helmet.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Beginning of a New Semester

Wow, it's been over a month since I last posted on here, so this post is going to have to cover a lot of ground.

First off I would just like to say that I am loving this semester so far. I absolutely love all of my classes. I would have to say that my favorite class, though, is silkscreen and relief. Right now we are working on relief carving. We are carving pictures out of linoleum sheets which will then be used as giant stamps to be printed on paper. Here is what I am working on at the moment:

Yes there is a giant white line going through it now, but that wont matter for printing.

My other art class I am taking right now is painting. So far we aren't doing anything to exciting. We are working on a color mixing study where we made an image out of magazine clippings and are now trying to replicate the colors exactly and painting it on a canvas. Here is what I have so far:

As I promised a long time ago, I will now put up pictures of Mary Ann Kimchi (my marionette I made in  3D design last semester)

I didn't think you could get the full effect just from some still photos, so I did a little demonstration as well.

Yeah I know she is kind of creepy, but you've got to admit she is pretty cool too.

Also, I finally finished that dolphin picture I started forever ago. For my art insights class I was required to bring a piece of work, and I had absolutely nothing I could bring except for that. I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I figured I would put it up here anyways.

So that is my current artwork for now.

So far this semester has been awesome. My friend Ethan came home from his mission and has started hanging out with me and Amanda all the time. We decided we would start our own to show. We decided to call it Suu. (Pronounced like Sue) After many hours of hard work, we finally finished the first episode

(I couldn't get it to work on here, so if you want to see it, which you should, go look at my videos on facebook)

Yeah I know, it's not quite up to a professional level, but we are getting there.

Me, Ethan, and Amanda also wanted to start a band. We will hopefully be working on that this weekend, but I can't make any promises.