Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sasquatch Gang

I have been having a blast hanging out with Amanda and Ethan. We always do the most random things, like go stealthing, make movies, take Dale out on adventures, and our newest expedition: making cardboard superhero suits. The Institute was having a superhero themed dance and we came up with the brilliant idea to make our own superhero suits out of cardboard. Let me tell you, we had the best costumes of everyone there. We decided to call our super league the Sasquatch Gang, named after the great film of the same title.

My super identity was The Hippo, Amanda's was The Ostrich, and Ethan was. . . well we don't really know what Ethan was.

In the end, we combined all our efforts to create the ultimate suit. We used my skirt, Ethan's chest armor and Amanda's helmet.

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