Back in the good old days of High School, me and my friends kept a quote book of just random funny stuff we would say throughout the day. This has been one of the many things that I miss since coming to college. Hence this quote page.


  1. "No one can tell me I'm a shallow person, I dated a mole kid!" - Amanda Dayton
  2. "I'm lost!" - McKenna Horman (right out side the church building we go to every sunday)
  3. "Arrrrg!" - Nick Hilton (if you don't get this one already, it's probably best you don't)
  4. "Troy are you ok?" "Yes, but I don't think the lamp is. . ." - Troy Hofacer
  5. "Oh my gosh, Rachel! Look what I just found!" "One of my flaws?" - McKenna Horman and Rachel Sutton
  6. "No, they're way to expensive, you can't find them at Wal-mart." - Gratten Perea
  7. "I can see it now. . . No, really, I can see Juniper right now." - McKenna Horman
  8. "Iodine-y-saur!" - Ruby Stewart
  9. "I looked at it and I just saw a wizard and a small boy, so it had to be one of two movies" - McKenna Horman with Rachel Sutton
  10. "Amanda, your spoon is steamy" "Oh, well your spoon is steamy!" - Kadi Law and Amanda Dayton
  11. "Do you want some Grey Poupon to go with your Man Potty?" -McKenna Horman with Amanda Dayton
  12. "A street car named Deseree" "I believe that says Desire" - Nick Hilton and McKenna Horman
  13. "I'm just going to lev through the wat temp" - Amanda Dayton and McKenna Horman
  14. "I must be Santa in Zimbabwe, all I have is clothes" - Rachel Sutton
  15. "When I lived up there, in the sky, with Jesus, when I was a baby." - Xavieor Talavera
  16. "Thats my reason for being happy today: Ice-trays" - Nick Hilton
  17. "It's like a cat, except for it's dead. . ." Rachel Sutton
  18. "Amanda, i don't think I could ever be mad at you." "Well maybe if I gutted your sheep. . . ?" McKenna Horman and Amanda Dayton
  19. "Keep it on the Dali Llama" - McKenna Horman, Amanda Dayton, Gratten Perea
  20. "Want to see my George Washington impersonation? *Gasp* I was the first president. . ." - Carissa Horman
  21. "I love the moon, it's like the coolest thing on the planet" - Ethan Martel