Sunday, October 16, 2011


Again this post is really late, sorry about that.

Last week I agreed to help Madison with here makeup class by letting her practice on me. Of course I was super excited about this, because what makeup was she doing? Gore makeup!

Pretty awesome if you ask me. 
I was apparently beaten, given a black eye and bloody nose, and a huge gash on my forehead.

Later that night, I was staying up late studying for a test while Nick Hilton was doing homework in our apartment, when Rachel came home with a chinese goose egg that one of her residence had given her. The goose egg was grayish in color, and smelt of cat food. We had to try it. We cracked the egg open and cut it in half. The inside was grayish as well, except for the yolk, which was mushy and yellow. It looked disgusting to say the least, and Rachel chickened out on tasting it, but me and Nick were brave enough to try it. And how I regret it. Not only did it smell like cat food, but it tasted like it too. Also, It had a real grainy texture that just added to the grossness. Immediately I spit it in the trash and ran to the sink to try and rinse it out. However, the graininess was very hard to get out, and my mouth still had traces of the egg in it for hours. But now I can proudly say, that I have tried a chinese goose egg.

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