Saturday, November 5, 2011

R.I.P. Juniper, you will be missed

Yes, it is true today was Juniper's final day. Even though I am not living there anymore, I am still super sad to see it go. Apparently the heater broke and there was no way they could fix it, and since the building is so old they cannot replace it. Juniper Hall to me was more than just a dorm building, it was the location where I spent the greatest year of my life.

I have so many great memories of that place. I met so many wonderful people. We stayed up late every night, played sardines, walked to maverick wrapped in comforters, made lip syncing videos, made stop motion videos, played truth or truth, peed our pants (not me but others), spit chocolate milk all over the walls (Ruby), built forts, had sleepovers on school nights, measure our heights against the wall, found Zac Efron in the bathroom stall, broke the celling lamp, wreaked havoc and did many other immature things that most college students would be way to embarrassed to ever do. 

And so today, as everyone was moving out me and Amanda snuck into the building and took some things to remember juniper by.

We stole our old room number signs.

Among the immature things we did, we stole all the fake trees in Juniper for one night and stored them all in my room.

And afterward put them in front of an RA's room.

So we also had to take a tree, just for the memories.

And a bush for good measure.

I will never forget Juniper and all the good times I had there. I wish everything could have stayed exactly like it was back then, but alas, things change and nothing ever stays the same.

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