Thursday, November 3, 2011


So I haven't posted on here for a few days and I just feel like I need to. So here is an update of what has been going on in my life right now, starting with last weekend:

First of all I went to go see my school's performance of "I love you, you're perfect, now change" twice. It was hilarious. The best part was that I knew practically all of the songs because Amanda is the understudy for the show, and she had been singing the songs around the apartment for weeks. It was so fantastic that I probably will go see it for a third time before they close.

Me and Amanda were pretty much left by ourselves. So we decided to go on an epic adventure across campus. We ended up walking around like zombies, joining random strangers in a game of steal the flag, and exploring the haunted pipe tunnels that run under the auditorium with a girl who lives across the hall from us, Danielle.

My friend Amber came over and we ended up taking fall pictures with Amanda. It was loads of fun. We were later joined by our friend Josh Durfee and some theater kid I had never met, who turned out to be pretty funny. Together we made brownies. Afterwards we gathered up a bunch of kids, (mostly theater kids so they were all very loud, but I'm not complaining) and I was introduced to the single greatest game I have ever played: Hostage. The object of the game is that there are two teams, the teams split up into two groups: the drivers and the hostages. The drivers then take the hostages of the other team, blindfold them, and then drive them to some remote location out in the middle of nowhere where they would have no idea how to get back. (To make it not entirely impossible we had a driving time limit of 20 minutes) After the hostages had been dropped off and abandoned, they then had to call the drivers of their team and try to direct them to come pick them up. I was super fun. I'm not really sure how, but Madison and Amber (Who were the drivers on my team) knew exactly were we were by the very vague directions we gave them. So were were picked up shortly after we were dropped off. The other team, however, was not so lucky. Madison and Amber had gotten on the freeway and driven them all the way to Kanaraville. It took them a good 40 minutes after we had returned to the apartment to get back.

Most pointless Halloween ever! I didn't even get to dress up or carve pumpkins. I was pretty depressed about this, especially since I had the best 80's bridesmaid's dress to wear. Oh we did watch a scary movie though. I think this was on monday, was it? Oh well. So we watched this movie called "The Box" you have probably heard of it. It was about this guy who drops this random box with a button on top on this family's door step, and tells them that if they push the button they will receive 1 million dollars, but someone they don't know will die. It wasn't really a "scary" movie, but it was pretty suspenseful. It got kind of weird towards the middle, but in the end it redeemed itself.

It snowed! It didn't last for to long, but for the few minutes that it lasted it was snowing hard!

Wednesday (worry free!):
I realized at about 2:00 that I didn't have anything to make a "found object" sculpture out of for my class at 4:00, so me and Kadi drove up the canyon in search of some treasure. We ended up finding a lot of great stuff! Earlier in the year I had found some old rusted metal things up the canyon that I had brought home for an occasion such as this. This time I found some bullet shells, a skeet, (I don't know if that's actually what they are called, but it was one of those clay discs they use for skeet shooting) a broken mirror, and a bunch of colored broken glass. After looking at all my found objects, I realized that one of my metal pieces had two semi-evenly centered holes that kind of looked like eyes, and another piece looked just like a nose. So I decided to make a mask. (this might have been influenced by the fact that I have been playing Zelda: Majora's Mask lately) So far it is turning out pretty cool, I will put a picture of it up when I finish.

Thursday (today):
I just got back from art insights. The speaker was so funny! His name was Chuck something, and he was a photographer. He was so strange and he kept staying the most random things, but it was hilarious! Plus his photos were quite cool. Plus plus, I got to see Gratten, who I haven't seen for what seems like forever. Man I forgot how much I love that kid! Gratten if you are reading this, which you probably don't read my blog at all, I just want you to know that you are an awesome friend! Amanda, you too! I love you so freakin' much! (and I know you read my blog :)))) (extra chins for enthusiasm))

But yeah, that was my week in a nutshell. I hope to have some epic stories from this coming weekend. (Wow this is probably the longest post I have ever posted, sorry if it was a bit of a read, if you even read this far, if you even read my blog)

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  1. This is a parody of The Box movie you watched. It's 1000000x better than the movie and I thought you'd enjoy it :)