Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Been A While Man, Life's So Rad

I'm back!

Hopefully for a while, although I cant make any promises. 

Man it has been way to long! So much has happened in the time since my last post. First of all, almost a whole summer has gone by. I guess I will try and fit a whole summer's worth into one post.

Summer Starts: Ethan, Austin, Dallin, Katie, and I started a band. We called ourselves Animystic. We had six songs that we rehearsed, four and a half of which we wrote ourselves. We were so set on getting a set together and playing some shows, but everything sort of fell apart. Our first problem was that none of us could really sing. (Which is kind of a must for a band to do well) But at first that didn't really stop us. We were in the middle of recording a song when the band came to a halt. What was our downfall? We all got jobs. 

I got a job cleaning office buildings up at thanksgiving point. It was a great job except for the hours. Not that I worked to many hours, but the hours I did work were always at night when my friends wanted to hang out. So when I got offered a job at a Black Cat firework stand I took it and quit that job. 

Summer Middle: My job at the firework stand was awesome. All I had to do was sit out in the stand and when customers came by I would help them. To pass the time in between customers, (Sometimes I would only have about two a day) I got to play gameboy, read, draw, or anything else I wanted to do. I also got to meet some great people. I worked with three other people, Walter, Mandy, and Stephanie. Mandy was my favorite by far. She was so nice and funny, and just fun to be around. I also loved her family who would come to visit her almost every day. She had a little son named Braylin who was the cutest little boy in the world. He also had the biggest crush on me. For the first while he wouldn't even walk past me or look at me because he was so shy, but by the end he was talking to me and drawing me pictures of hearts.

Now: I just had my last day at the firework stand. It was sort of bittersweet. Sweet that I am done with work for the summer, but bitter that I had to say goodbye to the friends that I had made. 

So me and Jose (He is visiting for the summer, I don't think I've mentioned that) decided we would have ourselves a Harry Potter "Marathon." Marathon in the sense that we would eventually watch all the movies in a row, but not in one sitting. We started watching about one movie a night, and tonight we finished the last one. (Star Wars next?)

Earlier tonight, me and Ethan had our "Wall Party." We had been wanting to do this all summer but we have just been too busy to find the time. Our party consisted of listening to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" while building with legos. I built a hippo, and then some sort of space craft, and then combined the two. It turned out pretty freakin' sweet, I thought.

So anyways, that's about all that has been going on that is of importance. Tomorrow (or today since it is 5:30) I am heading off to Idago, it should be fun.

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