Monday, September 12, 2011


I have recently discovered that 2D art and 3D art take two completely different sets of skills. I am taking a 3D design class in school, which i thought would be very fun. I was wrong. For our first project we had to make some sort of structure with "Implied volume." Sounds easy? That's what I thought.

Being the poor college student that I am, I wanted to use the cheapest materials I could possibly find.
Now what could I use that would be plentiful and free of cost? . . .

. . . STICKS! I could just glue a bunch of sticks together right? Wrong. Sticks and hot glue are apparently not friends. It was a mess. . . wire got involved. . . and the end was a disaster.

I ultimately failed.

This was supposed to be a wave?

In discussing the future of my artwork with my dear friend Nickless, we decided that it would make a great bathroom decoration. Better yet, a toilet plunger holder!

My beautiful sculpture is now currently caging Amanda's wet shoes. 
I'm really glad that I was able to make a visually appealing, yet functional piece of art! 

I am improving though, or so I hope. This time I decided that sticks were 'no bueno' and that I would just stick with the wire.

And so I made a Platypus.

She is not done yet, but so far it is quite the improvement.
Hopefully I will continue to improve on my journey to master all four elements:


I WILL be the 3D design avatar!

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