Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Habing Fun"

The thing I love most about my friends, is they way we always come up with random spur of the moment things to do. Like last night, for example. Me and my dear friends Gratten and Amanda ended up getting caught outside, across campus from our apartment in a gigantic storm. Rain was pouring down, and the lightning was so close it lit up the entire night as it flashed. Frantically we ran to the shelter of the Sigma Chi house, (The Fraternity Gratten is a part of) but we weren't fast enough. By the time we got there our clothes were completely soaked. Me and Amanda had to end up borrowing some of Gratten's clothes.

Tangent - 
Gratten gave me and Amanda the same Sigma Chi t-shirt to wear that say's "Having fun since 1885." I tend to make fun of this t-shirt all the time, because the font they chose makes it look like it says "habing" instead of "having." 

But anyways, we all got in the mood to watch Atlantis so we went to Wal-mart in search of the movie. That was what we planned to do, what ended up happening was we bought a pizza and soda, bought the movie Corpse Bride, and had a 2:00 in the morning movie party. 

It is the little moments like this that make my life as wonderful as it is. I have the best friends in the world.

P.S. Me and Amanda are still wearing the Sigma Chi shirts, we were just far to lazy to change. (And we wish we could be part of Sigma Chi)

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  1. Well we did practically rush last year. I'm just so mad they didn't give us a bid. They're so sexist!
    Love, Amanda.