Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Hipster/Indie Day

Today was a great day. I felt like a true hipster. I spent the day hanging out at a cute little local coffee shop called the Grind. It is one of the my favorite places ever. The store is filled with tables and chairs of all different shapes and sizes, a white grand piano, and local art work on the walls. Connected to the coffee shop is a used book store. We spent hours looking through the store and reminiscing about our favorite childhood books, as well as point out some of our new favorites. I turned on my Indie music and took a nap after class. Later I went and listened to an artist named Grant Fuhst talk about his work. His art was. . . interesting to say the least. Some of his stuff was quiet disturbing and creepy. Although there was something about his style that I liked. Over all it was a great day. As a plus I even made a new friend! But that's another story for another day.

The Grind

This is one of Grant's more mellow pieces.

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  1. Today really was fabulous! We we're true hipsters today Kenna! I'm proud!